It made me feel so happy when my friends noticed I was walking better and asked what I was doing.  Shirley C. Madison WI
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We only have a limited supply, which means a limited number of moms can order.  Even if your on your phone right now, ordering is easy and simple, and saves you money.  
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The DIY Foot Kit
The DIY Foot Kit is the fastest way to relief from chronic tension and pain in your feet.  As busy moms, you need to have speed, impact, and cost effectiveness.  You don't have a lot of time to fix yourself, let alone drive to more appointments for therapy.  This set of comfortable toe spacers are easy to put on, and help you even while you are just taking care of the other things you have to do.  

We know the number one reason for chronic pain and tension is tight muscles and tissue on the bottoms of your feet.  

This gets right after it without slowing you down.
 I’m not a star athlete but first thing I noticed was the lack of pain in my knees while exercising! Didn’t expect that! More flexibility in my knees and ankles that feels so good!
Renee G.
This is Truly a Limited Time Offer
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This busy mom and her husband lost 90 lbs together!
"The foundation of your health starts with your feet"
Getting rid of their foot and back problems allowed them to exercise
A Note from the Founding Doctor
Unfortunately I watched my mom struggle with her pain in her feet growing up.  
I wish I could reverse time for her...she had several surgeries for something she shouldn't have.  
It pains me knowing what I know now, and how much I could have helped her.

Because of these experiences, along with overcoming my own personal chronic foot pain, 
I put my passion into the care of the thousands of patients I saw in my private clinic.

I can honestly say, you're only one step away.  
This kit has always been the starting point for helping people, and it's now my gift to you.  
I don't want to see you end up like my mom.  Hopefully I'm reversing time for you before it's to late.

Dr. David Heitmann DC, MS
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